Canada Two Way is a voice communication products company that has been operating online since 2016. We offer a variety of handheld and stationary two way radios for companies who operate in a number of industries. Some of the businesses we assist include contractors and renovators, educational facilities, restaurants, health care centres, hotels / motels, manufacturing plants, warehouses, retail shops and outlets, transportation services, and utility companies. We have been an authorized dealer of Motorola Solutions and Vertex Standard two way radios and 2 way radio products since 2001. Our full inventory of two way radio products includes:

Canada Two Way services all of Canada, and ships our products throughout Toronto, Ontario, Vancouver, British Columbia, Montreal, Quebec and other Canadian cities and provinces. If you have any questions regarding our portable or mobile Vertex or Motorola two way radios, headsets or accessories, please contact us now! Our friendly employees are professionally trained to ensure you receive the best products and services in the 2 way radio industry!

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